• BTUs are based on the test weight and moisture content of the corn.

  •  Efficiency of your stove, furnace, or boiler affects the exact number
of BTUs per pound of corn.

For our discussion, the two most important factors affecting corn's BTUs
are moisture content and test weight.  

Moisture Content
Moisture subtracts directly from the overall weight of the corn.  For
example, if you have a pound of corn at 13% moisture, subtract 13 from
the pound which therefore equals .87 pounds of zero percent moisture
corn.  13% of a 40 pound bag gives the consumer 34.8 pounds of zero
percent moisture corn. Therefore it is evident that moisture is a key
component in the amount of BTUs corn delivers.  

Test Weight
The other variable is test weight.  Test weight is the measure of the quality
and the number of BTUs per pound.  Seed corn, cultivation, and weather
determine the test weight per bushel.  Higher test weights yield a larger
BTU per pound.  Typically test weight can range from 50 to 58 pounds per
bushel, which corresponds to 7600 to 8500 BTUs per pound of zero
percent moisture corn.

BTUs Estimation
When taking into consideration moisture and test weight we can fairly
estimate the BTUs per pound and bag.  Kernel's Corn average test weight
this year was 57.1 pounds per bushel, which equates to approx. 8,410
BTUs per pound at zero percent moisture.  At 13% you have .87 pounds
of zero percent moisture corn which equals 7,316 BTU's per pound,
because of the moisture content there is a loss of 1,094 BTUs per pound.  
Therefore, the total energy per bag would be 40 pounds at 13% moisture
times 7,316 or 292,640 BTUs per bag.  Let’s compare that to 3 gallons of
LP fuel.  Three gallons of LP equals 274,500 BTUs.  The average cost of
LP has been $1.80 per gallon or $5.40 for three gallons.  Therefore a 40
pound bag of corn will yield 18,140 more BTU's than 3 gallons of LP.
Kernel's Corn™ tries to give fair estimated values of BTUs per pound and
wholesale corn fuel
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BTUs  (British Thermal Unit) is the measurement of
heat energy output.
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