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What are Kozies™ Hot or Cold?

How do I use Kozies™?

What are some ways to use them?

What styles or sizes
do Kozies come in?

Why Corn?

Wouldn't the corn inside the bags pop if I heated them in the microwave?
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Q:  What are Kozies™ Hot or Cold?
A:  Kozies™ Hot or Cold are specially designed all natural corn therapy bags that are
used as heating pads and also cold packs. Each Kozie is  filled with all natural NON-GMO
whole kernel clean corn and covered with 100% cotton.  They have a removable
washable outer case featuring a variety of novelty cotton prints.  

Q:  How do I use the Kozies™ Hot or Cold? .  

Before Using For the First Time:

Lay Kozies flat and evenly on a microwave-safe dish.
Heat according to product
chart recommendations for product. (Accessories chart)
Note: Visible moisture from bag is normal.
Let cool and repeat.  Allow to cool completely before heating for normal use.

How to Use Kernel's Corn™ Kozies™ Hot?
for Normal Heating:
Lay Kozies flat and evenly on a microwave-safe dish.
Heat according to
product chart recommendations for product.
 Accessories Chart
Microwave heating times vary.  If higher heat is required, continue microwaving in
15 second intervals.  
Always touch-test for temperature before use.
Carefully remove from microwave, and shake bag lightly.
Use and Enjoy!

How to Use Kernel’s Corn™ Kozies™ Cold?
Lay Kozies™ flat to evenly distribute kernels.
Place in freezer for approximately 2 hours or more.        
Remove when frozen or at your desired temperature.        
Shake and pinch bag lightly to loosen kernels.     
Use and Enjoy!

Q:  What are some uses for Kozies™ Hot or Cold?
A:  There are many uses for  Kozies™ Hot or Cold Corn Therapy Bags.
  • Relieve the cold—Heat up Kozies™ and warm whatever is chilly.  Cold feet, cold
    body, no problem!  
  • Relieve the pain—A heated Kozie can help relieve the pain of fibromyalgia and
    arthritis, as well as help relax tight or spasmed muscles.  
  • Warm yourself—Take a heated Kozie during your winter drive or at the workplace.
  • Cool yourself—Wrap a frozen Kozie around your neck or wrist to cool down in the
  • Share one or two with your dog or cat--Your pet will appreciate the extra warmth in
    the winter and a frozen Kozie in the summer.
Contact Us with your ideas!       
Click here for more information on Kernel’s Corn™ Kozies™ Hot or Cold

Q:  What types and styles of Kozies™ do you have?
A:  We have four main Kozies products and four Kozies accessories products.  The main
products are  Neck lg. Neck sm. Rectangle, and Square.  The accessories are Neck Tie,
Head Tie, Mini and Hand Sack.  
Click here for more details. These specially shapes and
sizes fit various needs for hot or cold therapy.  Kozies™ come covered in a variety of
novelty print cotton fabrics.  Find
Retailers Near You or Visit www.Kozies.co.

Q:  Wouldn't the corn in the Kozies™ pop if I heated it up in the microwave?
A:  No.  The corn used in Kozies™ has a natural "valve" in the bottom of each whole
kernel.  This allows the moisture inside the kernel to drain naturally during the harvest
drying process but air can not get back in.  Corn that is used for popping corn has a
sealed kernel bottom.  This holds the moisture inside the popcorn kernel.  The moisture
inside the kernel "explodes" in popcorn during heating.  This does not apply to the type
of corn used in Kozies™.  

Why is corn a better choice for filler in Kozies™ Hot or Cold?  
A:  The corn we use to fill Kozies™ is clean, all natural, whole kernel corn grown and
made in the USA.  Our corn holds heat better than other grains used in therapy bags.  
Corn is a larger grain than rice, wheat or flax, giving it better attributes for heat.
Corn is also safer for the same reason.  Smaller grains such as wheat have warnings
about danger of fire and even explosions. Flax seed contains linseed oil which is
explosive in the presence of oxygen.  Corn is not known to scorch like rice does.
Some smaller grains also smell rancid over time.  Corn does not.
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